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Regional Representation Program

Amendment #16 & Resolution #26

We believe that building real power - within chapters, within regions, and within the nation - requires sustained, concrete dialogue between chapters, and communication between the general membership and leadership. Our regional representation program will help chapters to help one another with resources, skill sharing, and strategic planning, while creating a system of democratic accountability within our organization. Right now, new and small chapters are not well supported, while larger chapters are islands - isolated from one another, duplicating work, and failing to share resources, workloads and experience. We believe this set of reforms will make for a stronger DSA. Read more about this proposal here.

Labor Strategy Resolution

Resolution #3

The United States isn't a manufacturing economy anymore, but self-organized and determined workers are still our best agents of change. Whether the “means of production" is healthcare, education, service, transportation, or any other industry, workers are the people with the power to stop capitalist exploitation. It's time for us to chart a new path to organize labor in the 21st century. CPN’s Labor Strategy Resolution refocuses the Democratic Socialist Labor Commission (DSLC) on establishing and supporting local labor formations in all chapters, to serve as centers for worker organizing, training and network-building. Read more about this proposal here.

100K Resolution

Resolution #2

To win socialism, we need a strategy to grow DSA into a mass working class organization- and that means we need a concrete plan for recruitment, membership retention, and leadership development. CPN's 100k Strategy Resolution directs the NPC to establish a Growth & Development Committee, with the explicit goal of establishing a roadmap to grow DSA to 100,000 members by 2021. Read the whole resolution here.

Internationalism Resolution

Resolution #4

The global nature of capital means that there can be no emancipation of the US working class without the emancipation of the working class worldwide. DSA must fully embrace its role as a truly internationalist organization: this means both integrating and supporting the struggles of immigrant and migrant workers here in the US, while also forging direct relationships with global working class organizations internationally. Read the full resolution here.

National Office

Like all people-powered movements preparing for a big fight, we need to put our resources toward organizing and bringing new people to the fold. We need to put real muscle into our organization. Our proposal roughly doubles the number of organizers working directly to bring people to DSA. Instead of turfing organizers to haphazardly-drawn regions, we propose that organizers focus either on establishing and strengthening new and smaller chapters, or helping with the different strategic needs of larger chapters. Read the full proposal here.

Support These Proposals

If you agree with our vision, we invite you to endorse these proposals. We want to bring a strong clear voice to the 2019 Convention for the type of organization we feel we need. An organization that can realize our collective power; one that respects and integrates differing viewpoints, and that looks outward, not inward, to build a truly mass organization reaching out with our own hands towards power.

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